Curley Baker (Soul)

Last Updated on: December 6th, 2023

Who is Curley?

Curley Baker is a character from Pixar’s animated film “Soul” (2020). He is a former student of the protagonist, Joe Gardner, who is a middle school music teacher and aspiring jazz musician. Curley, played by Ahmir Questlove Thompson, has successfully become a professional musician and plays the drums in a jazz quartet led by the renowned saxophonist Dorothea Williams.

Curley’s character represents a connection between Joe and his dream of performing jazz music on a big stage. It’s through Curley that Joe gets the opportunity of a lifetime to play with Dorothea Williams’ band, which sets the main narrative of the film into motion. Curley appreciates and acknowledges Joe’s musical talent and passion for jazz, and he plays a crucial role in facilitating Joe’s temporary fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

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Though not a central character, Curley’s interactions with Joe highlight the themes of mentorship, the impact teachers can have on their students, and the pursuit of one’s passion. His character also helps to establish the stakes and the initial setup of the film, showing what Joe aspires to achieve in his musical career.

Curley Baker’s character adds a layer of realism and aspiration to the narrative, illustrating the potential outcomes of following one’s passion and the interconnectedness of mentor-mentee relationships in the journey of personal and artistic fulfillment.

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