Lena Gogan (Pete's Dragon)

Last Updated on: May 31st, 2024

Who is Lena Gogan?

Lena Gogan is a fictional character from the Disney musical fantasy film “Pete’s Dragon,” which was originally released in 1977 and later remade in 2016. In both versions of the film, Lena Gogan is portrayed as a greedy and unscrupulous woman who, along with her husband Merle Gogan, is the main antagonist.

In the original 1977 version of “Pete’s Dragon,” Lena and her husband are a couple of conniving, money-driven individuals who are primarily interested in exploiting the lovable dragon named Elliott for their own financial gain. They hope to capture Elliott and showcase him as a sideshow attraction in order to make a profit. Lena, played by Shelley Winters, is portrayed as a cold and heartless woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal.

In the 2016 remake of “Pete’s Dragon,” Lena Gogan is also depicted as an antagonist, but her character is slightly different. She is a forest ranger who initially appears to be caring for the young boy Pete, who claims to have been living in the woods with a friendly dragon. However, Lena’s true intentions are revealed as the film progresses, and she becomes determined to capture and exploit the dragon for her own gain, just like her counterpart in the original film.

In both versions, Lena Gogan serves as a foil to the film’s protagonists, who are working to protect and care for the magical dragon, Elliott, and ensure his safety.

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