Quint (Timon and Pumbaa)

Last Updated on: June 21st, 2024

Quint (Timon and Pumbaa) disneyWho is Quint?

Quint is a character from the animated television series “Timon & Pumbaa,” which is based on Disney’s “The Lion King” and originally aired from 1995 to 1999. This show explores the humorous adventures of Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog, who were popular characters from “The Lion King.”

Quint is a recurring character on the show and is known for his appearances as a hunter or fisherman. He often appears as an antagonist who is in pursuit of Timon and Pumbaa for various reasons. Quint’s character is designed to be a bit of a comical threat, and his encounters with Timon and Pumbaa typically lead to comedic situations.

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