Joshamee Gibbs (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Last Updated on: June 11th, 2024

Who is Joshamee Gibbs?

Joshamee Gibbs, often simply referred to as Gibbs, is a recurring character in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series produced by Disney. He is portrayed by actor Kevin McNally and plays a significant supporting role throughout the franchise.

Gibbs is the loyal and trusted friend of Captain Jack Sparrow, the main protagonist of the series, portrayed by Johnny Depp. Gibbs serves as Jack’s first mate on the Black Pearl and later plays various roles within the crew as the films progress.

Gibbs is known for his wisdom, resourcefulness, and unwavering loyalty to Jack Sparrow, despite the often chaotic and unpredictable nature of Jack’s adventures. He is a skilled sailor and an essential member of Jack’s crew.

Joshamee Gibbs Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest

Throughout the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Gibbs’ character provides comedic relief, wisdom, and a sense of stability within the frequently tumultuous world of pirate adventures. He often finds himself caught up in Jack Sparrow’s schemes and misadventures, contributing to the films’ humor and charm.

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