Maui (Moana)

Last Updated on: September 11th, 2023

maui moanaWho is Maui?

Maui is a demigod and the main protagonist in the Disney animated film Moana (2016). He is a shapeshifter and a powerful demigod in Polynesian mythology. He is known for his strength, bravery and his ability to shape shift into different creatures. He is initially portrayed as being lazy, selfish and only looking out for himself, but as the story progresses, he starts to understand the responsibility that comes with his powers and helps Moana on her journey to save her island and restore the heart of Te Fiti. He is also known for his tattoos that tell stories of his past heroic deeds. He was voiced by actor Dwayne Johnson, who has appeared in other Disney films including the Jungle Cruise movie.

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You’re Welcome (Song)

“You’re Welcome” is a song from the 2016 Disney animated film, Moana. The song is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer and lyricist best known…

Shiny (Song)

“Shiny” is a song from the 2016 Disney animated film “Moana“. The song is performed by the character Tamatoa, a giant, glittering crab who is…

Logo Te Pate (Song)

“Logo Te Pate” is a song from the 2016 Disney animated film “Moana“. The song is performed during the movie’s opening credits and features traditional…

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