Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Last Updated on: June 18th, 2024

Who is Raya?

Raya is the protagonist of the Disney animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon,” released in 2021. She is a fearless and resourceful young warrior from the fictional land of Kumandra, a place where humans and dragons once lived together in harmony. However, due to an ancient evil known as the Druun, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity, leaving behind a gem that kept the Druun at bay. When the gem is shattered, the Druun return, prompting Raya to embark on a quest to find the last dragon, Sisu, and restore peace to Kumandra.

Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Throughout her journey, Raya demonstrates qualities of courage, determination, and hope, despite facing numerous challenges and adversities. She is also depicted as being highly skilled in martial arts and swordsmanship, making her a formidable warrior.

The character of Raya brings forth themes of trust, unity, and the power of community, as she learns to collaborate with others from different tribes of Kumandra to defeat the common enemy and bring harmony back to the land.

Raya is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, who brings a blend of strength and vulnerability to the character, making Raya a memorable and inspiring heroine in the Disney animated canon. Through Raya’s narrative, the film explores the significance of trust, friendship, and the transformative power of unity in overcoming challenges and restoring hope.

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