Bolt (Character)

Last Updated on: February 20th, 2023

Who is Bolt?

Bolt is the titular character from the 2008 Disney animated film “Bolt.” He is a white German Shepherd dog who stars in a fictional television series within the movie, also called “Bolt,” where he plays the role of a superhero with superpowers, including laser vision and superhuman strength. Bolt’s character is voiced by John Travolta. In the movie, Bolt lives his life believing his powers are real and goes on a journey across America to rescue his owner and co-star, Penny. Along the way, he learns the true meaning of being a hero and the importance of his relationships. He was voiced by actor John Travolta.

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Movie Appearances

Song Appearances

Barking at the Moon (Song)

“Barking at the Moon” is a song from the Disney animated film “Bolt“. The song was written by Adam Young, the lead singer of the…

I Thought I Lost You (Song)

“I Thought I Lost You” is a song from the 2008 Disney animated film “Bolt“. The song is performed by the film’s two main characters,…

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