Francis (A Bug's Life)

Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

Who is Francis?

Francis is a fictional character from the Disney-Pixar animated film “A Bug’s Life,” which was released in 1998. He is a ladybug and one of the main characters in the film. He was voiced by comedian and actor Dennis Leary who is best known for his role as Tommy Gavin in the series Rescue Me. He is a member of the circus troupe of bugs that comes to the ant colony in the film to perform for the ants in exchange for food. He is initially portrayed as a brash, tough-talking and sarcastic individual, but as the story progresses, he becomes more of a caring and supportive friend to the protagonist Flik. He also plays a key role in the climax of the film, where he helps Flik and the other ants fight off the grasshopper invaders.

Francis (A Bug's Life)

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