Kiff Chatterley (Kiff)

Last Updated on: October 29th, 2023

Who is Kiff ?

Kiff Chatterley, affectionately known as Kiff, is the titular character of the Disney Channel animated series “Kiff“. She’s depicted as a young, adventurous squirrel who frequently embarks on expeditions and adventures, often with her best friend Barry Buns, aiming to assist animals throughout the mountains​. Kiff’s physical appearance is quite distinctive, characterized by her orange fur, a pale yellow underbelly, and a bushy tail, along with a disproportionally large head which is a notable anthropomorphic feature.

Kiff is voiced by Kimiko Glenn, who has also lent her voice to other notable characters such as Lena Sabrewing from “Ducktales” (2017), Horse from “Centaurworld”, Peni Parker from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, and Izzy Moonbow from “My Little Pony: A New Generation”​.


Kiff Chatterley (Kiff)

She is portrayed as an optimistic individual, whose best intentions, despite being well-meaning, often lead to chaotic outcomes. Her peppy and helpful nature is a cornerstone of her personality, although she’s also known for a streak of recklessness. Nevertheless, Kiff is not one to shirk responsibility, and is unafraid of standing up for what she believes in or facing the challenges of growing up​.

Her adventures take place in a setting known as Table Town, and Kiff’s energetic persona often sees her interacting with other residents of this imaginative locale, leading to many captivating stories and scenarios.

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