Red (The Rescuers Down Under)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Red (The Rescuers) disneyWho is Red?

Red is a character from Disney’s animated film “The Rescuers Down Under,” released in 1990. This movie is a sequel to the original “The Rescuers” and follows the adventures of two mice, Bernard and Bianca, who are members of the Rescue Aid Society, an organization of mice dedicated to helping those in need.

In “The Rescuers Down Under,” Red is a feisty, female kangaroo who plays a crucial role in the story. She is the mother of a young kangaroo named Cody. Cody is a young boy who becomes the central character in the film when he is kidnapped by the film’s villain, a poacher named Percival C. McLeach.

Red is a protective and caring mother who is deeply concerned for her son’s safety. She seeks the help of Bernard and Bianca to rescue Cody from McLeach’s clutches. Throughout the film, Red’s character demonstrates courage and determination as she aids the mice in their mission to save Cody and put an end to McLeach’s poaching activities.

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