The Rescuers Down Under

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The Rescuers Down Under

“The Rescuers Down Under” is an animated adventure film released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1990. It is the sequel to the 1977 film “The Rescuers” and is the 29th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series.

The movie follows the adventures of Bernard and Bianca, two brave mice who are members of the Rescue Aid Society, an organization of mice dedicated to helping those in need. In this film, they receive a call for help from a young boy named Cody, who lives in the Australian Outback.

Cody has been kidnapped by a poacher named Percival C. McLeach, who is after a rare and magnificent golden eagle named Marahute. McLeach intends to capture Marahute and sell her on the black market. With Cody’s life in danger, Bernard and Bianca set off on a daring rescue mission to save him and protect Marahute from harm.

During their journey, Bernard and Bianca receive assistance from a friendly and bumbling albatross named Wilbur and encounter various challenges and dangers in the Australian wilderness. They must outsmart McLeach and his dangerous pet lizard, Joanna, to rescue Cody and Marahute.

“The Rescuers Down Under” is known for its breathtaking animation and thrilling adventure sequences, and it was one of the first Disney animated films to use computer-generated imagery. While not as widely known as some other Disney classics, it remains a beloved film among fans of animated adventures.

Fun Facts

  • “The Rescuers Down Under” is a 1990 animated film and the sequel to Disney’s “The Rescuers.” It is notable for being the first animated Disney sequel to be released in theaters and for its stunning use of computer-generated imagery (CGI).
  • The film features the character of Cody, a young Australian boy who befriends the mice rescue team, Bernard and Bianca. The story is set in the Australian Outback and showcases breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, making it visually captivating.
  • “The Rescuers Down Under” also marked a technological advancement in animation with the use of CGI for certain elements, such as the flying sequences on the back of an eagle. This blending of traditional hand-drawn animation and CGI was groundbreaking for its time and contributed to the film’s visual appeal.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
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  • Type of Movie: Animated
  • Box Office: $47.4 million
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  • Directors: Hendel Butoy and Mike Gabriel
  • Producer: Thomas Schumacher
  • Writers: Jim Cox, Karey Kirkpatrick, Byron Simpson and Joe Ranft

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