Pollyanna Whittier

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Pollyanna Whittier characterWho is Pollyanna Whittier?

Pollyanna Whittier is a fictional character from the Disney film “Pollyanna” which was released in 1960, She is the main character in the film, an orphan who goes to live with her wealthy aunt in a small New England town. She is known for her optimism and her ability to see the good in people, even in difficult situations. She teaches the townspeople how to find happiness and joy in their lives, and her positive attitude helps to bring the community together. The story is based on a novel by Eleanor Porter and the term “Pollyanna” is used to describe someone who is unduly optimistic or overly cheerful in the face of adversity. The character was played by Hayley Mills.

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