Amphitryon (Hercules)

Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

Who is Amphitryon?

Amphitryon is a character in Disney’s animated film “Hercules,” released in 1997. He is a minor character in the film and plays a small but significant role in the early part of the story.

In “Hercules,” Amphitryon is portrayed as a mortal man and the adoptive father of Hercules, the film’s titular character. Hercules is the biological son of Zeus and Hera but is transformed into a mortal and raised on Earth by Amphitryon and his wife, Alcmene.

Amphitryon and Alcmene are kind and loving parents to Hercules. They raise him with care and affection, even though they are aware of his extraordinary strength. Amphitryon’s character represents the nurturing and supportive side of Hercules’ upbringing, and he provides a stable and loving home for the young hero.

Amphitryon’s role in the film is relatively brief, as the story primarily focuses on Hercules’ journey to become a true hero and regain his god-like powers. However, his character serves as a representation of the positive parental influences in Hercules’ life and underscores the importance of love and family in the film’s themes.

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