Amy Szalinski (Honey I Shrunk The Kids)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Amy Szalinski?

Amy Szalinski is one of the main characters in the Disney live-action film “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” released in 1989. She is portrayed by actress Amy O’Neill. The film is a family-friendly adventure-comedy that involves a science experiment gone wrong, resulting in the shrinking of a group of kids.

In the movie, Amy is the teenage daughter of Wayne Szalinski, an eccentric inventor played by Rick Moranis. Wayne accidentally shrinks his own children and their neighbors’ kids to a minuscule size with his experimental shrinking machine. Amy and her younger brother, Nick, are among the shrunken children.

Throughout the film, Amy and the other shrunken kids must navigate their now-gigantic backyard, which has become a dangerous and exciting world filled with oversized insects and everyday objects. They work together to find a way to return to their normal size and reunite with their parents.

Amy Szalinski Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Amy is portrayed as a responsible and caring older sister who takes on a leadership role among the group of shrunken kids. She helps coordinate their efforts to survive in the oversized world and find a way to signal their parents for help.

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