Little Noi (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Who is Little Noi?

Little Noi is a character from Disney’s animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon” (2021). She is a toddler with a knack for thieving, making her quite a unique and amusing character within the narrative. Despite her young age, Little Noi is exceptionally skilled at swindling and pickpocketing, often with the help of her group of monkey-like companions known as the Ongis.

Her character brings a blend of humor and heart to the story. Over the course of the film, Little Noi forms a bond with the group of characters that Raya assembles on her quest to restore peace to the land of Kumandra, showcasing a deeper sense of loyalty and camaraderie despite her initial mischievous demeanor.

Little Noi (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Little Noi’s character is one of the colorful personalities that make up the diverse and eclectic group of individuals who come together to help Raya in her mission, adding a whimsical and heartwarming touch to the adventure that unfolds.

Though she doesn’t have a speaking role due to her young age, Little Noi’s actions and interactions with other characters provide comedic relief and contribute to the film’s theme of forming unexpected alliances and the importance of teamwork in overcoming adversities.

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