Marie (The Aristocats)

Last Updated on: December 31st, 2022

marie The AristocatsWho is Marie?

Marie is a character from the Disney animated film “The Aristocats.” She is a white kitten and one of the three main characters of the film, along with her mother Duchess and her brothers Berlioz and Toulouse. Marie is distinguished by her ladylike manners and her love of music. She is the most refined and sophisticated of the kittens, and is often seen playing with a ball of yarn or practicing her piano. The Aristocats is a story about a wealthy cat named Duchess and her three kittens who are taken by mistake by a butler and left in the countryside. They meet a street cat named Thomas O’Malley who helps them back to Paris and to their owner.  She was voiced by actress Liz English.

The Collection:

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Marie Big Feet Plush

Disney Parks adopts an adorable Big Feet design for Aristocat Marie with this soft plush toy featuring embroidered detailing and oversized feet. She’s one cool kitten!…

Marie Starter Home Playset

Marie from The Aristocats is the purr-fect playtime companion, and your little one will love her adorable little starter home. Collect all the Disney Furrytale friends…