Dorinda Thomas (Do) (The Cheetah Girls)

Last Updated on: October 3rd, 2022

Dorinda Thomas the cheetah girlsWho is Dorinda Thomas (Do)?

Dorinda Thomas, also known as Do, is a character in the Disney Channel Original Movie “The Cheetah Girls” and its sequels. She is one of the four main characters in the film and is portrayed by actress Sabrina Bryan. Dorinda is a member of the girl group “The Cheetah Girls” along with Galleria, Chanel, and Aquanette. She is known for her spunky and sassy personality, as well as her passion for fashion. Do is the most level-headed and responsible member of the group, often acting as a mediator between the other girls and helping to keep the group together. She is also shown to have a close relationship with her mother and is a supportive friend to the other girls.

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