Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck)

Last Updated on: February 20th, 2023

Who is Fenton Crackshell?

Fenton Crackshell is a fictional character from the Disney animated television series “DuckTales.” He is a timid and bespectacled accountant who works for Scrooge McDuck, the main character of the series. He is also the alter-ego of Gizmoduck, a superhero with a high-tech suit that grants him superhuman strength and other abilities. Fenton becomes Gizmoduck after Scrooge McDuck gives him the suit to protect the city from criminals. He is voiced by actor Hamilton Camp in the original series and by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the 2017 reboot.

Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck) disney

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