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Last Updated on: March 10th, 2024

DuckTales (Original) | Disney Afternoon Show

“DuckTales” is an animated television series that first aired in 1987 and became one of Disney’s most popular and enduring animated shows. The series was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and is based on the comic book series of the same name created by Carl Barks.

The show follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck (voiced by Alan Young), a wealthy and adventurous Scottish duck who is known for his love of money and treasure hunting. He is also the uncle of Donald Duck. Scrooge is joined by his grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (voiced by Russi Taylor), who are mischievous and always up for a thrilling adventure.

Together with their loyal and capable pilot, Launchpad McQuack (voiced by Terry McGovern), and the responsible housekeeper, Mrs. Beakley (voiced by Joan Gerber), the characters travel the world in search of hidden treasures, facing villains and various challenges along the way.

“DuckTales” is known for its swashbuckling action, clever humor, and memorable characters. The show also features a catchy theme song, “DuckTales,” which has become iconic and synonymous with the series.

Throughout its run, “DuckTales” received critical acclaim and became a cultural phenomenon, appealing to both children and adults. It was praised for its engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and its ability to blend humor and adventure.

In 2017, Disney released a reboot of “DuckTales,” featuring a new animation style and modern storytelling elements while staying true to the spirit of the original series. The reboot received positive reviews and introduced a new generation of viewers to the world of Duckburg and Scrooge McDuck’s grand adventures.

“DuckTales” remains a beloved classic in Disney’s animated history, with a dedicated fan base that continues to celebrate its timeless charm and nostalgic appeal.

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  • Alan Young: Scrooge McDuck
  • Russi Taylor: Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and Webby Vanderquack
  • Chuck McCann: Duckworth the Butler, Burger Beagle, and Bouncer Beagle
  • Terry McGovern: Launchpad McQuack and Babyface Beagle
  • Frank Welker: Bigtime Beagle
  • Hal Smith: Gyro Gearloose and Flintheart Glomgold
  • Joan Gerber: Mrs. Beakley and Glittering Goldie
  • Hamilton Camp: Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduc
  • June Foray: Ma Beagle and Magica De Spell
  • Peter Cullen: Bankjob Beagle
  • Brian Cummings: Doofus Drake
  • Tony Anselmo: Donald Duck

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