Amos Tucker (The Apple Dumpling Gang)

Last Updated on: January 27th, 2024

Who is Amos Tucker?

Amos Tucker is a fictional character from the 1975 Disney comedy film “The Apple Dumpling Gang.” In the movie, Amos Tucker is portrayed by the legendary actor Tim Conway. He is one of the main characters and plays a key role in the story’s humorous escapades.Amos Tucker (The Apple Dumpling Gang)

Amos Tucker is a bumbling and somewhat dimwitted member of a group of outlaws that includes his partner, Theodore Ogelvie, played by Don Knotts. Amos and Theodore are initially part of a gang of bandits led by a more ruthless outlaw named Frank Stillwell. However, Amos and Theodore decide to leave the gang when they realize the extent of Stillwell’s criminal activities.

As the story unfolds, Amos and Theodore end up inadvertently discovering a hidden gold mine, leading to a series of comical adventures as they try to protect their newfound wealth from both the law and their former criminal associates. The film is known for its slapstick humor and family-friendly entertainment, and Amos Tucker’s character is central to much of the comedic moments in the movie.

“The Apple Dumpling Gang” is a classic Disney film that remains beloved by audiences for its lighthearted humor and memorable characters, including Amos Tucker, portrayed by Tim Conway.

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