Wee Dingwall (Brave)

Last Updated on: May 25th, 2024

Wee Dingwall braveWho is Wee Dingwall?

Wee Dingwall is a character from Disney-Pixar’s animated film “Brave,” released in 2012. “Brave” is set in medieval Scotland and tells the story of a headstrong princess named Merida, who defies tradition and inadvertently unleashes chaos in her kingdom. Wee Dingwall is one of the suitors who competes for Merida’s hand in marriage as part of a traditional Highland Games competition.

Wee Dingwall is portrayed as a rather comical and clumsy character in the film. He is the son of Lord Dingwall, one of the three lords who have arranged for their sons to compete for Merida’s hand. Wee Dingwall’s appearance and behavior often lead to humorous moments in the story.

Throughout the Highland Games competition, Wee Dingwall competes against the other suitors in various events, including archery and a tug-of-war. Ultimately, he doesn’t win Merida’s hand, and the film’s central theme of self-determination and the right to choose one’s destiny is highlighted as Merida asserts her independence.

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