Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

Last Updated on: March 28th, 2024

Who is Baby Sinclair?

Baby Sinclair was a fictional character from the television series “Dinosaurs,” which aired from 1991 to 1994. The show was a puppet-based sitcom created by Jim Henson Productions, featuring animatronic dinosaurs that acted like a typical American family, despite living in prehistoric times.Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs)

Baby Sinclair was the youngest member of the Sinclair family. He was a small, blue, and hyperactive baby dinosaur with a voracious appetite. Baby Sinclair was known for his catchphrase, “Not the mama!” which he would use whenever he wanted attention or was in a sticky situation. His interactions with the rest of the family, including his father Earl, mother Fran, and brother Robbie, formed a significant part of the show’s comedic moments.

The character of Baby Sinclair was designed to be cute and endearing, but he often displayed a mischievous and stubborn side, leading to various humorous situations within the series. “Dinosaurs” was not only a family sitcom but also a satirical show that addressed various social and environmental issues through the lens of its prehistoric setting, making it a unique and memorable part of 1990s television.

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