Kenai (Brother Bear)

Last Updated on: September 12th, 2023

Who is Kenai?

Kenai is the main protagonist of the Disney animated film “Brother Bear.” He is a young Native American who is transformed into a bear as a punishment for his arrogance and cruelty. Throughout the film, Kenai learns important lessons about love, family, and the interconnectedness of all living things. He eventually realizes the error of his ways and finds redemption by embracing his new identity as a bear and protecting his adopted bear family.

Kenai brother bear

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Movie Appearances

Song Appearances

No Way Out (Song)

“No Way Out” is a song from the Disney animated film “Brother Bear“. The song is featured prominently in the film’s climactic scene, and is…

Transformation (Song)

“Transformation” is a song from Disney’s 2003 animated film “Brother Bear“. The song is performed during the film’s climactic scene, where the protagonist, Kenai, undergoes…

Great Spirits (Song)

“Great Spirits” is a song from the 2003 Disney animated film “Brother Bear“. The song is performed during a key moment in the film, as…

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