Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story)

Last Updated on: April 13th, 2024

Who is Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear?

Lotso, also known as Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, is a fictional character from the Disney/Pixar animated film “Toy Story 3“.

He is a plush teddy bear who is the main antagonist of the film. He is initially presented as a friendly and lovable toy, but it is revealed that he has a dark past, he was once the favorite toy of a little girl named Daisy, but was replaced and abandoned, and he became bitter and manipulative.

He becomes the leader of the toys in the daycare center where they end up after Andy’s toys are mistakenly donated, and rules with an iron fist. He is known for his strawberry scent and his catchphrase “Huggin’ ain’t easy.” He is voiced by Ned Beatty.

Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear toy story 3 pixar

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