Rita (Oliver & Company)

Last Updated on: February 20th, 2023

rita oliver & companyWho is Rita?

Rita is a character from the Disney animated film “Oliver & Company.” She is a purebred Afghan Hound and the love interest of the main character, a kitten named Oliver. Rita is the pet of a wealthy woman named Jenny Foxworth and is depicted as being well-groomed, fashionable, and confident. Throughout the film, she and Oliver form a strong bond and she helps him and his friends, a group of stray dogs, on their adventures. Rita is known for her beautiful appearance and singing voice, and she is a popular and beloved character among fans of the film.

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Streets of Gold (Song)

“Streets of Gold” is a song from the 1988 Disney animated film “Oliver & Company“. The song is performed by the film’s main character, a…

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