Michael Cromwell (Jungle 2 Jungle)

Last Updated on: May 22nd, 2024

Who is Michael Cromwell?

Michael Cromwell is the protagonist of the 1997 comedy film “Jungle 2 Jungle,” portrayed by actor Tim Allen. In the movie, Michael Cromwell is a successful commodities broker living in New York City, who learns that he has a 13-year-old son named Mimi-Siku from a previous marriage to Patricia, who now lives among a tribal community in Venezuela.

Michael Cromwell (Jungle 2 Jungle)

The story kicks off when Michael travels to Venezuela to finalize his divorce from Patricia, and upon meeting his son Mimi-Siku, he promises to take him to New York when he becomes a man, according to the tribe’s traditions. The tribe then holds a ceremony where Mimi-Siku is declared a man, and Michael, feeling obliged, brings him back to New York with him.

The film follows the comedic challenges and culture clashes as Michael tries to balance his high-stress job with the responsibilities of fatherhood, all while navigating the hilarious misunderstandings and antics that arise from Mimi-Siku’s unfamiliarity with urban life and modern customs.

Michael’s character undergoes a transformation throughout the film, from a self-centered and career-focused individual to a more understanding and nurturing father as he bonds with his son. Through Michael Cromwell’s character, “Jungle 2 Jungle” explores themes of family, personal growth, and the often humorous challenges of merging two vastly different worlds.

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