Roxanne (A Goofy Movie)

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Roxanne (A Goofy Movie)

Who is Roxanne?

Roxanne is a fictional character from the 1995 Disney animated film “A Goofy Movie.” She is the love interest of the main protagonist, Max Goof, and is a student at his high school. She is known for her beauty, her intelligence, and her kind-hearted nature. The movie follows Max’s journey as he tries to win Roxanne’s affection, while also dealing with the challenges and embarrassment caused by his father, Goofy. The character of Roxanne is a popular Disney character among the fans and is considered as a role model for her intelligence, her kindness and her independence.

She was voiced by actress Kellie Martin who is probably best known as Becca Thatcher from the early 90’s television series “Life Goes On.”

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