Olive (Sydney to the Max)

Last Updated on: February 14th, 2023

olive Sydney to the MaxWho is Olive?

Olive Rozalski is a character from the Disney Channel television series “Sydney to the Max.” The show premiered in 2019 and is set in two different time periods, following the life of Sydney Reynolds, a middle school student, in the present day and her father, Max Reynolds, as a middle school student in the 1990s.

Olive, portrayed by actress Ava Kolker, is one of Sydney’s best friends in the present-day storyline. She is known for her quirky and enthusiastic personality. Olive is a loyal and supportive friend who often joins Sydney and her other friends in various middle school adventures and challenges.

The character of Olive contributes to the show’s themes of friendship, family, and the experiences of growing up. “Sydney to the Max” explores the generational differences between Sydney and her father Max, offering a unique perspective on adolescence and family dynamics.

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