Mariano Guzman (Encanto)

Last Updated on: November 4th, 2022

Who is Mariano Guzman?

Mariano Guzmán is a character from the Disney animated film “Encanto” (2021). He is introduced as the fiancé of Isabela Madrigal, the eldest daughter in the Madrigal family. Mariano, voiced by Maluma, is depicted as a handsome and charming young man who comes from a reputable family in their community. His engagement to Isabela is seen as a match that aligns with the societal and familial expectations surrounding the Madrigal family, particularly from the matriarch, Abuela Alma.

Mariano Guzman (Encanto) disney Facts

Mariano’s character symbolizes the external expectations and traditional paths that some members of the Madrigal family feel pressured to follow. His presence in the narrative highlights the theme of conformity versus self-discovery and authenticity, as Isabela grapples with her feelings of being trapped in a pre-arranged life path that doesn’t allow her to express her true self.

While Mariano isn’t a central character, his interactions with Isabela and other members of the Madrigal family contribute to the unfolding of individual and collective self-discovery within the family, driving forward the narrative of breaking free from imposed expectations and embracing one’s authentic self.

His character provides a lens through which the audience can explore the societal and familial pressures the characters face, and how these pressures impact their relationships and self-identities.

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