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Last Updated on: January 29th, 2023

disney directoryWelcome to our most ambitious project at DisneyNews yet: a directory of everything Disney. Currently, this Disney directory contains every Disney Movie and Park Feature. In the future, it will contain much, much more!

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What’s Inside?

Here are quick explanations of what is inside so far:

Disney World and Disneyland Rides, Attractions, Resorts and Restaurants Past and Present

With Disney parks constantly adding, removing, updating, changing park attractions, shows, exhibits and restaurants, I decided to create one central listing of everything past and present.

Below is very much a work in progress (as Disney World and Disneyland are), but contains everything that is presently at the parks today. In the near future, additional, closed attractions will be added as well.

List of Disney Movies 1937-Present

Disney has been releasing movies since 1937, so as you can imagine, there are a bunch of them. This is the first in a series of Disney movies lists that I will be releasing that will give you a full rundown of every movie along with release date.

Here are all the Disney movies released from the classic Snow White to today and everything in between. It includes movies directly released by Disney and others released under Disney subsidiaries like Touchstone Pictures and Star Wars. It also combines Disney animated movies with live-action films. In the near future, I will be adding additional Marvel. Be sure to check back for those.

To find release dates for upcoming Disney movies, visit here.

Much More!

Also included in this directory are Disney television shows, products, characters, toys and so much more. I am adding hundreds of new Disney items daily, so you will always find something new each time you visit. I hope you enjoy this directory as much as I enjoyed building it!

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