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Disneynature Explore Mobile App

Last Updated on: December 31st, 2018

Explore the outdoors like never before through the world of amazing animals!

  • 5 animal adventures — Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion, and Loggerhead Sea Turtle – featuring 4 activities each.
  • 3D animals appear in the live camera view on your device!
  • Take photos of your adventures for your Disneynature Journal and earn virtual Disneynature pins!
  • Winner of 2014 Parents’ Choice “Gold” Award
  • Winner of Children’s Technology Review “Editor’s Choice” Award
  • Winner of Tech with Kids “Best Pick App” Award

Disneynature Explore combines an augmented reality experience with fun animal behavior game play that encourages children 4-8 and their caregivers to discover and play in nature. Search your own backyard with the lion to hunt a warthog, view your surroundings through a butterfly’s eyes, follow tracks along with the bear to find its cub, crack a nut like a chimpanzee, and much more!

Disneynature Explore App Features:

  • Exciting 3D animal animation, sound effects, and player sound recognition
  • Target colors and objects in the view of your mobile device to explore your environment
  • Photos can be added to your Disneynature Journal, which also includes Disneynature video clips of real animals featured in the app
  • Additional photo missions extend your family’s engagement with nature
  • The parents’ page includes suggestions for outdoor play
  • Virtual Disneynature pins awarded throughout the experience
  • Spanish language option
  • No in app purchases or third-party advertising

Disneynature Explore App Demo Video:

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