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Last Updated on: May 18th, 2024

Blizzard Beach is one of the two water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, offering guests a thrilling and frosty escape from the Florida heat.

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Park History:

Blizzard Beach first opened its snowy slopes to guests on April 1, 1995. The water park’s unique concept was inspired by the idea of a “Florida snowstorm” that led to the creation of a ski resort. According to Disney’s backstory, a freak snowstorm hit Florida, leaving behind a snowy landscape perfect for skiing. However, as the temperatures rose, the snow began to melt, creating a unique water park with thrilling water attractions and slides.


Blizzard Beach is themed as a winter ski resort, complete with snow-capped mountains, chairlifts, and ski lodges. The centerpiece of the park is Mount Gushmore, a massive snow-capped peak featuring several thrilling water slides and attractions.

The park is divided into several themed areas, each offering a different water adventure. Summit Plummet is one of the park’s flagship attractions and is one of the tallest and fastest free-fall water slides in the world. Slush Gusher and Teamboat Springs are other popular water slides that offer thrills and fun for the whole family.

Tike’s Peak is a special area designed for younger guests, featuring smaller slides and play areas suited for little adventurers. Ski Patrol Training Camp is an interactive water play area with obstacle courses and water games for older kids.

One of the unique attractions at Blizzard Beach is the Cross Country Creek, a lazy river that winds its way around the park, allowing guests to relax and take in the scenic views.

Throughout the day, guests can enjoy various entertainment and activities, such as the “Cooling Hut” games and music played throughout the park. Dining options at Blizzard Beach include quick-service restaurants and snack kiosks offering a variety of tasty treats and refreshing beverages.

Blizzard Beach also hosts special events and celebrations during certain times of the year, adding an extra touch of magic to the water park experience.

Overall, Blizzard Beach is a thrilling and immersive water park that offers a fun-filled escape into a winter wonderland. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping water slides or relaxing moments in the sun, Blizzard Beach provides a frosty and unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Address:

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive, Orlando, Florida 32836

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