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Mickeys Magical Arts World by Disney Imagicademy

Last Updated on: December 31st, 2018

Mickeys Magical Arts World by Disney Imagicademy

If your child loved exploring Mickey’s Magical Math world, it’s time to unleash their creativity with Disney Imagicademy’s latest world of creative play:

  • Explore 5 worlds of imaginative play that help children develop early creative arts skills!
  • Create your own characters and have them star in Disney cartoons alongside Mickey and Friends!
  • Join Mickey and friends as you make music, design buildings and craft the silliest toys!
  • Create your own characters, style them up any way you like, add your own voice and then watch them star in Disney cartoons alongside Mickey Mouse and friends!

You can even create an entire world of your own—from trees to cars to the rainbows—that comes to life right on Mickey’s Main Street hub. Then, make music with Mickey, design buildings with Minnie, and craft the craziest toys with Goofy—the possibilities for fun and imagination are endless!

Mickey’s Magical Arts World by Imagicademy helps children develop these early Creative Arts skills:

  • Experimenting with color, line, shape, and visual texture as they hone fine motor skills and practice drawing.
  • Exploring improvisation, storytelling, costume design, and character development as they role-play.
  • Playing with the musical concepts of tempo and pitch.
  • Examining symmetry, balance, proportion, harmony, texture, and hue as they design buildings.
  • Exploring how materials work together while playing with virtual art materials, tools, and processes.

Mickeys Magical Arts World Features:

Explore an art-filled extravaganza through 5 fun-filled and interconnected worlds of Creative Arts with Mickey and friends:

  • Mickey’s Sketch Artist
  • Donald’s Costume Play
  • Mickey’s Music Maker
  • Minnie’s Art-chitect
  • Pluto’s Crafty Creator

Mickeys Magical Arts World Demo:

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