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Last Updated on: May 24th, 2024

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Step into a world of magic and mystery at AbracadaBAR, a whimsical and enchanting lounge located at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. This hidden gem invites you to discover a realm of illusions and wonder, where every sip of a potion and every bite of a treat brings a touch of sorcery to your experience.

As you enter AbracadaBAR, you’ll be captivated by its old-world charm and intriguing atmosphere. The décor is inspired by the golden age of magic, with vintage posters, spell books, and magical artifacts adorning the walls. The bartenders, dressed as skilled magicians, are ready to perform sleight-of-hand tricks and entertain you with their wizardry while crafting delightful concoctions.

The menu at AbracadaBAR features an array of handcrafted cocktails and specialty drinks, each with its own magical twist. Sip on the Coney Negroni, a delightful blend of Campari, Coney Island Hard Root Beer, and gin, or try the Parlor Trick, a captivating mix of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Absinthe, and simple syrup, served with a magical glow cube.

For a non-alcoholic option, the Magic Mirror is a refreshing and delightful mocktail featuring tropical flavors and a touch of Disney enchantment.

In addition to the impressive libations, AbracadaBAR also offers a selection of delectable bar bites and small plates. Enjoy the Trick “Chicken Wings,” which are actually seasoned with a spellbinding chili-garlic glaze, or savor the “Sizzling” Pork Belly Sliders, perfectly prepared to satisfy your taste buds.

The ambiance of AbracadaBAR is as magical as the libations it serves. The lounge is a haven for those seeking a moment of respite and wonder after a day of exploring the parks. The mystical décor and the allure of the illusionist atmosphere make this the perfect place to unwind and share stories of your adventures in the magical world of Disney.

Whether you’re seeking a unique pre-dinner cocktail experience or looking to spend an enchanting evening with friends, AbracadaBAR promises a spellbinding escape where the art of magic and mixology come together in perfect harmony. So, raise your glass and let the magic unfold at AbracadaBAR, where every moment is an extraordinary act of wonder and delight!

Fun Facts

  • AbracadaBAR is a stylish and mysterious cocktail lounge located on Disney’s BoardWalk, inspired by the golden age of magic and illusion.
  • The lounge features an intriguing backstory about the Great Magic Emil, a magician who vanished on the night of his final magic act, leaving behind a collection of enchanted props and artifacts.
  • One of the unique features of AbracadaBAR is its magical-themed cocktails, which are presented with theatrical flair and include creative concoctions with names like “Parlor Trick” and “Conjurita.”
  • The lounge’s decor includes vintage magician posters, magic wands, and other enchanting details that transport guests to a world of wonder and mystique.
  • AbracadaBAR provides a cozy and enchanting atmosphere for guests looking to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and a touch of magic while exploring Disney’s BoardWalk.

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