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Last Updated on: March 27th, 2024

As the newest star pilot to join the fleet, the time has come for you to take to the sky in your Astro Orbiter.

After receiving word from Ground Control, make your way to a colorful 3-passenger spaceship and prepare for launch. Then, hold on tight as your rocket levitates and begins a series of rapid revolutions around a galaxy of planets—inspired by centuries-old astronomical designs—as the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland whizz by in the distance.

Steer Through Outer Space
As the commander of your own rocket, you are in control of your flight. Direct how high you fly by pulling or pushing the lever inside the ship.

Fun Facts

  • The Astro Orbiter is a rocket-spinner attraction, located at the entrance of Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park. This iconic ride has been a staple of the Tomorrowland area since its opening.
  • Originally opened as the Astro Jets in 1956, the attraction has undergone various name changes and redesigns over the years, including being known as Tomorrowland Jets and Rocket Jets, before settling on the current name, Astro Orbiter.
  • This attraction stands out due to its visually striking design, featuring a large, rotating planetary orb and sleek, retro-futuristic rockets that offer guests a panoramic view of the surrounding park area.
  • The ride’s rockets are individually controlled by the riders, allowing them to adjust their altitude during the flight, providing a unique experience where guests can customize their view and ride experience.
  • Despite its appearance, the Astro Orbiter is suitable for all ages, appealing to both young children and adults, making it a family-friendly attraction that symbolizes the spirit of exploration and adventure in Tomorrowland.

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