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Last Updated on: May 24th, 2024

Shula's Steak House (WDW Swan and Dolphin)

Shula’s Steak House is an upscale and sophisticated dining establishment located at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in the Epcot Resort Area at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. Named after the legendary NFL coach Don Shula, the restaurant is renowned for offering guests a world-class dining experience centered around exceptional steaks and elegant service.

The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a timeless and classic charm, with dark wood accents, rich leather seating, and sports memorabilia that pay homage to Coach Shula’s illustrious career. The warm and inviting atmosphere creates an ideal setting for a memorable meal.

Shula’s Steak House boasts a diverse and meticulously crafted menu, focusing on premium cuts of beef sourced from the finest ranches and expertly prepared to perfection. Signature dishes include the famous Shula Cut steaks, such as the Shula’s Filet Mignon and the massive 48-ounce Porterhouse, known as the “Shula’s Legend.” Seafood lovers can also indulge in a selection of fresh and succulent seafood dishes, such as the Chilean Sea Bass and the Shula’s Barbecue Shrimp.

Complementing the exceptional culinary offerings, Shula’s Steak House features an extensive wine list with a diverse range of varietals from around the world, making it a perfect place for wine enthusiasts to pair their meals with the perfect selection.

Fun Facts

  • Shula’s Steak House is a high-end, fine dining restaurant located at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Disney World.
  • The restaurant is named after the legendary NFL coach, Don Shula, who holds the record for the most wins in NFL history, and it features a sports-themed atmosphere with football memorabilia on display.
  • Shula’s Steak House is renowned for its premium cuts of beef, including the Shula Cut, which is a custom-designed, center-cut, premium black Angus beef steak that is aged to perfection.
  • The restaurant offers an extensive wine list with a wide selection of wines to complement the steak and seafood dishes, making it a perfect place for wine enthusiasts.
  • Shula’s Steak House has received numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional cuisine and service, making it a top choice for those seeking an upscale dining experience at Disney World.

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