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Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

Ebony MawWho is Ebony Maw?

Ebony Maw is a cunning and powerful character in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He was created by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Jerome Opeña and first appeared in “Infinity” #1 in 2013.

In the comics, Ebony Maw is a member of the Black Order, a group of deadly and loyal warriors who serve Thanos, the Mad Titan. Maw is depicted as a highly intelligent and persuasive individual, skilled in manipulation and mind control. He is an expert strategist and tactician, often using his cunning to sow discord and confusion among his enemies.

Ebony Maw’s most potent ability is his formidable telepathy and mind control, allowing him to manipulate the thoughts and actions of others. He can bend even the strongest-willed individuals to his master’s will, making him a terrifying adversary and a key asset to Thanos’ plans.

As part of the Black Order, Ebony Maw has been involved in numerous cosmic conflicts and clashes with various Marvel heroes, including the Avengers. His eloquent speech and intellectual approach to combat make him a unique and memorable character among Thanos’ minions.

In the MCU, Ebony Maw appears as a central antagonist in “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018). Portrayed by actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, he is shown as one of Thanos’ most trusted lieutenants, tasked with acquiring the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Maw’s telepathic abilities are on full display in the film, where he uses his persuasive speech to attempt to break the will of the heroes.

Ebony Maw’s character represents the manipulative and intellectual side of evil. His powers of persuasion and mind control, combined with his loyalty to Thanos, make him a formidable and dangerous foe. In both the comics and the MCU, Ebony Maw is a significant figure in the conflict against the Avengers and a key player in Thanos’ quest for universal domination.

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