Alley Cats Strike

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Alley Cats Strike (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Alley Cats Strike” is a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that premiered in 2000. It is a sports-comedy film centered around the game of bowling and how it brings together a group of high school students from different cliques.

The story takes place at the fictional high school, Mesa High, where students are divided into various groups or “cliques” based on their interests and activities. There are the jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, and the academic achievers, among others. The school’s bowling team, known as the “Alley Cats,” is made up of misfits and not taken seriously by the other students.

When a new student named Alex Thompson, played by Kyle Schmid, arrives at the school, he is not interested in joining any clique and is drawn to the Alley Cats’ bowling alley. He discovers that bowling is a popular pastime in his former school, and he decides to join the team. His skills and enthusiasm for the sport start to turn the team’s fortunes around, and the Alley Cats begin to win games.

As the team’s success grows, tensions arise among the different cliques in the school. They start to view the Alley Cats as a threat to their own social status and reputation. A rivalry ensues, leading to conflicts and challenges for the Alley Cats as they strive to prove themselves and come together as a team.

Throughout the movie, “Alley Cats Strike” explores themes of teamwork, friendship, and breaking down social barriers. It emphasizes the importance of embracing individuality and finding common ground despite differences in backgrounds and interests.

The film received positive reviews from viewers and critics alike, praising its lighthearted humor, positive messages, and strong performances by the cast. “Alley Cats Strike” is still fondly remembered by fans of Disney Channel’s original movies for its fun and entertaining portrayal of the sport of bowling and its uplifting themes of unity and acceptance.

Fun Facts

  • “Alley Cats Strike” is a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that premiered in 2000. It was directed by Rod Daniel and featured a cast of young actors, including Kyle Schmid and Kaley Cuoco, before they became more widely known in their careers.
  • The film’s storyline revolves around a high school bowling team trying to win a bowling championship. Interestingly, to prepare for their roles, the cast members underwent bowling training, and many of the bowling scenes in the movie were performed by the actors themselves.
  • While “Alley Cats Strike” may not be as well-known as some other Disney movies, it holds a special place in Disney Channel history. It was one of the early DCOMs that contributed to the popularity of the genre and helped pave the way for numerous other successful Disney Channel Original Movies in the 2000s.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Type of Movie: Live Action
  • Movie Platform: Disney Channel Original Movie
  • IMDB Link


  • Kyle Schmid: Alex Thompson
  • Robert Ri’chard: Todd McLemore
  • Kaley Cuoco: Elisa Bowers
  • Mimi Paley: Delia Graci
  • Joey Wilcots: Ken Long
  • Matt McCoy: Mr. Kevin Thompson
  • Hardee T. Lineham – Principal Morris
  • Evan Noble: Leonardo “Leo”
  • Gino Giacomini: “Flip”
  • Tim Reid: Mayor Jeff McLemore
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid: Mrs. Cathy McLemore
  • Phillip Williams: Louis “Sweet Lou”
  • Rodger Barton: Mayor Hanburger
  • Roman Podhora: Coach Fetters
  • David Reale: Baron McKay
  • Laura Vandervoort: Lauren
  • Joan Gregson: Ms. Jenson
  • Janet Bailey: Nancy
  • Alisha Morrison: Gina
  • Marcello Meleca: Bubba
  • Bill Lake: “Whipsaw” McGraw
  • Booth Stephenson: Bobby Nagurski
  • David Talbot: Corning
  • Mary Lu Zahalan: Ms. Johnson
  • Paul Constable: Bowling Referee
  • Rufus Crawford: Ken’s Dad
  • Elizabeth Lennie: Mrs. Thompson
  • Terry Doyle: Grandpa


  • Director: Rod Daniel
  • Producer: Christopher Morgan

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