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Amy (1981 Movie)A poignant and inspiring drama about a young woman who flees her wealthy but domineering husband to take a job as a teacher in a rural school for the deaf. As Amy enters this world without sound, she teaches the deaf children to speak. And in return, they teach her to love.

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  • Jenny Agutter: Amy Medford
  • Barry Newman: Dr. Ben Corcoran
  • Kathleen Nolan: Helen Gibbs
  • Chris Robinson: Elliot Medford
  • Lou Fant: Lyle Ferguson
  • Margaret O’Brien: Hazel Johnson
  • Nanette Fabray: Malvina
  • Lance LeGault: Edgar Wanbuck
  • Lucille Benson: Rose Metcalf
  • Jonathan Daly: Clyde Pruett
  • Lonny Chapman: Virgil Goodloe
  • Brian Frishman: Mervin Grimes
  • Jane Daly: Molly Tribble
  • Dawn Jeffory: Caroline Chapman
  • Peggy McCay: Mrs. Grimes
  • Len Wayland: Mr. Grimes
  • Virginia Vincent: Edna Hancock
  • Norman Burton: Caruthers
  • Otto Rechenberg: Henry Watkins
  • David Hollander: Just George
  • Cory ‘Bumper’ Yothers: Wisley Moods
  • Alban Branton: Eugene
  • Ronnie Scribner: Walter Ray
  • Michelle Downey: Essie
  • Carson Sipes: Dwayne
  • Diana Boyd: Loretta
  • Flavia Fleischer: Iris
  • David Jacob Weiss: Glenn
  • Oscar Arturo Aguilar: Chester
  • Kevin van Wieringen: Owen Corner
  • Seamon Glass: Mr. Watkins
  • Nancy Jeris: Mrs. Watkins
  • Randy Morton: Teenage Boy
  • Lance Gordon: Referee
  • John Arndt: Mr. Pool
  • Rick Foster: Football Player
  • Elisha Rapson: Blind Girl


  • Director: Vincent McEveety
  • Producer: Jerome Courtland
  • Music: Robert F. Brunner

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