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Arachnophobia (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Arachnophobia” is a 1990 American horror-comedy film directed by Frank Marshall. The movie follows the story of a newly discovered species of deadly spider from Venezuela that makes its way to a small town in California. The spider’s venom is deadly, and as the arachnids begin to breed and spread, the residents of the town find themselves facing a terrifying threat.

The film stars Jeff Daniels as Dr. Ross Jennings, a city doctor who moves to the town and becomes entangled in the spider invasion. John Goodman also plays a memorable role as Delbert McClintock, an exterminator hired to deal with the spider problem.

“Arachnophobia” is known for its blend of horror and humor and was well-received by audiences for its suspenseful scenes and comedic moments. While it can be scary for some, it also offers a light-hearted and entertaining experience for fans of both horror and comedy genres.

The film was a moderate box office success and has since become a cult classic in the horror-comedy genre. Its title, “Arachnophobia,” is derived from the term used to describe the fear of spiders, making it an appropriate and attention-grabbing choice for a movie about deadly spiders terrorizing a small town.

Fun Facts

  • The spiders featured in the movie are a fictional hybrid of a South American bird-eating spider and a North American black widow spider. The creatures were created using a combination of real spiders and animatronics.
  • To ensure the safety of the cast and crew during filming, the spiders used on set were mostly harmless tarantulas with their fangs removed. Special effects were used to make the spiders appear more menacing.
  • The famous shower scene in the movie, where a spider drops from the showerhead, was achieved by attaching a spider to a fishing line and dropping it onto the actress using a pulley system.
  • The film was produced by Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment. Spielberg is known for his involvement in several successful films, including “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park.”
  • The director, Frank Marshall, is primarily known for his work as a producer on films like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Back to the Future.” “Arachnophobia” marked his directorial debut.
  • In order to make the spiders move in a more dramatic and exaggerated manner, the filmmakers used a technique called “leg pulling.” This involved attaching wires to the spiders’ legs and manipulating them to create a creepier effect.
  • The film’s soundtrack was composed by Trevor Jones, who is known for his work on other notable movies such as “The Last of the Mohicans” and “Cliffhanger.”
  • Despite being a horror-comedy, “Arachnophobia” managed to achieve both critical and commercial success. It grossed over $53 million at the box office and received generally positive reviews for its unique blend of scares and humor.

Additional Details


  • Jeff Daniels: Dr. Ross Jennings
  • Harley Jane Kozak: Molly Jennings
  • John Goodman: Delbert McClintock
  • Julian Sands: Dr. James Atherton
  • Brian McNamara: Chris Collins
  • James Handy: Milton Briggs
  • Peter Jason: Henry Beechwood
  • Henry Jones: Dr. Sam Metcalf
  • Frances Bay: Evelyn Metcalf
  • Roy Brocksmith: Irv Kendall
  • Kathy Kinney: Blaire Kendall
  • Stuart Pankin: Sheriff Lloyd Parsons
  • Mary Carver: Margaret Hollins
  • Marlene Katz: Shelly Jennings


  • Director: Frank Marshall
  • Producer: Kathleen Kennedy and Richard Vane
  • Screenplay: Don Jakoby and Wesley Strick

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