Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

“Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend” is a family adventure film released in 1985, directed by Bill L. Norton. The movie is set in Africa and follows the story of a young couple, George Loomis (William Katt) and Susan Matthews-Loomis (Sean Young), who embark on a journey to search for the legendary creature known as Baby.

The film’s plot centers around the discovery of a living Brontosaurus, referred to as “Baby,” in an uncharted region of Africa. When George and Susan stumble upon the creature’s existence, they are both amazed and excited to have found evidence of a living dinosaur.

However, their joyful discovery quickly turns into a dangerous adventure when they encounter hostile locals and a ruthless ivory hunter, Dr. Eric Kiviat (Patrick McGoohan), who is determined to capture Baby for financial gain.

George and Susan form a bond with Baby and become determined to protect the dinosaur from exploitation. As they attempt to evade Kiviat and his henchmen, they must also face the challenges of navigating the harsh African wilderness.

“Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend” is a family-friendly film that combines elements of adventure, fantasy, and environmental themes. The film’s portrayal of a friendly dinosaur captured the imagination of young audiences and appealed to families seeking an entertaining and heartwarming cinematic experience.

The use of practical effects and animatronics to bring Baby to life adds to the film’s nostalgic charm. The dinosaur effects were considered impressive for its time and have contributed to the film’s cult status among fans of family adventure films.

While “Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend” received mixed reviews from critics, it has since gained a following among fans of family-friendly movies and dinosaur-themed adventures. The film’s themes of friendship, conservation, and the wonder of discovering prehistoric creatures make it a cherished touchstone for those who appreciate entertaining and nostalgic family films.

Additional Details


  • William Katt: George Loomis
  • Sean Young: Dr. Susan Matthews-Loomis
  • Patrick McGoohan: Dr. Eric Kiviat
  • Julian Fellowes: Nigel Jenkins
  • Kyalo Mativo: Cephu
  • Hugh Quarshie: Kenge Obe
  • Olu Jacobs: Col. Nsogbu
  • Eddie Tagoe: Sgt. Gwambe
  • Edward Hardwicke: Dr. Pierre Dubois


  • Director: Bill Norton
  • Producer: Jonathan Taplin and Roger Spottiswood
  • Music: Jerry Goldsmith

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