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Betsy’s Wedding movie

“Betsy’s Wedding” is a delightful romantic comedy released in 1990, directed by and starring Alan Alda. The film follows the hilarious and heartwarming journey of Betsy Hopper (Molly Ringwald), a young woman who is about to marry the love of her life, Jake Lovell (Dylan Walsh). As the wedding preparations unfold, Betsy finds herself navigating a series of comical and often chaotic situations.

Betsy comes from a close-knit, middle-class family residing in New York City. Her father, Eddie Hopper (Alan Alda), is a hardworking construction contractor, while her mother, Lola Hopper (Madeline Kahn), is an endearing homemaker. The film revolves around the dynamics within the Hopper family and the interactions with Jake’s affluent parents, played by Joe Pesci and Burt Young, who belong to a high-society background.

The wedding preparations quickly escalate into a rollercoaster of events, as Betsy’s desire for a simple, low-key wedding clashes with her in-laws’ extravagant expectations. The cultural differences between the two families add a layer of hilarity and tension, leading to several comedic misunderstandings and mishaps.

Amid the chaos, Betsy’s talented sister Connie (Ally Sheedy) attempts to capture the entire spectacle on video, serving as both comic relief and a keen observer of the family dynamics. Meanwhile, Betsy’s younger brother, Stevie (Anthony LaPaglia), finds himself entangled in a love triangle that adds another layer of humor and complexity to the story.

Throughout the film, “Betsy’s Wedding” delves into themes of love, family, and the complexities of marriage. It offers a touching portrayal of the bonds that tie families together, even when faced with differing viewpoints and expectations.

Alan Alda’s direction and screenplay infuse the movie with wit, heart, and relatable moments, while the ensemble cast delivers stellar performances, adding depth and charm to their respective characters. The film strikes a perfect balance between humor and genuine emotional moments, making it a feel-good and enjoyable experience for audiences.

“Betsy’s Wedding” stands as a heartwarming celebration of love, family, and the power of togetherness. It remains a beloved touchstone of the romantic comedy genre, cherished for its endearing characters, comedic flair, and timeless messages about the importance of embracing the quirks and differences that make families truly unique.

Additional Details


  • Alan Alda: Eddie Hopper
  • Madeline Kahn: Lola Hopper
  • Molly Ringwald: Betsy
  • Ally Sheedy: Connie
  • Joe Pesci: Oscar
  • Anthony LaPaglia: Stevie Dee
  • Catherine O’Hara: Gloria
  • Burt Young: Georgie
  • Joey Bishop: Mr. Hopper
  • Dylan Walsh: Jake Lovell
  • Larry Block: Barber


  • Director: Alan Alda
  • Producer: Martin Bregman and Louis A. Stroller
  • Music: Bruce Broughton

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