Bone Trouble

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“Bone Trouble” is a Walt Disney animated short film released in 1940. It is part of the Pluto series of cartoons, which feature the popular Disney character Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s pet dog, in various comedic and mischievous situations.

In “Bone Trouble,” Pluto’s misadventures ensue when he discovers a buried bone in his backyard. The cartoon follows Pluto’s attempts to protect his treasure from other animals, including a mischievous gopher and a persistent bulldog. As Pluto tries to guard his bone, he encounters various challenges and humorous encounters.Bone Trouble disney short

The film showcases Pluto’s expressive animation and physical comedy as he navigates the obstacles in his quest to keep his bone safe. It highlights his resourcefulness, determination, and his playful interactions with other characters.

“Bone Trouble” was directed by Jack Kinney and features the iconic character animation associated with the Pluto series. The short film is known for its lively and entertaining storytelling, making it a popular entry in the Pluto series.

“Bone Trouble” is remembered for its humor, slapstick comedy, and the lovable and relatable personality of Pluto. It exemplifies Pluto’s enduring popularity as a beloved Disney character and showcases the charm and entertainment value of the classic Disney animated shorts.

Fun Facts

  • “Bone Trouble” is a classic Disney animated short film released in 1940 as part of the Silly Symphonies series.
  • The film features Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s loyal pet dog, on an adventure in a spooky graveyard where he encounters a mischievous skeleton dog.
  • One interesting fact is that “Bone Trouble” was the first Disney cartoon to feature Pluto as the main character without Mickey Mouse appearing alongside him.

Additional Details


  • Lee Millar as Pluto
  • Clarence Nash as Butch


  • Director: Jack Kinney
  • Story: Carl Banks
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Frank Churchill and Paul Smith

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