Bridge To Terabithia

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Bridge To Terabithia (2007 Movie)

“Bridge to Terabithia” is a 2007 fantasy drama film based on the novel of the same name by Katherine Paterson. The movie was directed by Gabor Csupo and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media. It tells the story of the friendship between two young children and their vivid imaginations as they create a magical kingdom called Terabithia.

The film centers around Jess Aarons, a young boy with a passion for drawing, and Leslie Burke, a new girl in his school who has a creative and adventurous spirit. They become fast friends and escape the challenges of their everyday lives by creating a secret world in the nearby woods called Terabithia. In this imaginative realm, they encounter fantastical creatures and magical adventures.

As their friendship deepens, Jess and Leslie find solace and comfort in Terabithia, using it as a means to cope with the difficulties they face at school and home. However, tragedy strikes when Leslie tragically passes away while trying to cross a creek to Terabithia. This loss deeply affects Jess, and he must learn to come to terms with the loss of his friend and find strength in the memories they shared.

“Bridge to Terabithia” explores themes of friendship, imagination, loss, and the power of creativity to cope with life’s challenges. The film was praised for its heartfelt storytelling, strong performances from its young cast, and its emotional impact. It received positive reviews from both critics and audiences and was a modest box office success.

Although it is marketed as a family-friendly film, “Bridge to Terabithia” deals with mature themes and emotional depth, making it a poignant and memorable movie for viewers of all ages. It remains a beloved film, cherished for its messages about friendship and the power of imagination.

Fun Facts

  • “Bridge to Terabithia” is a coming-of-age story that revolves around the friendship between two young characters, Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke. The film explores themes of imagination, friendship, and coping with loss.
  • The film stars Josh Hutcherson as Jess Aarons and AnnaSophia Robb as Leslie Burke. Both young actors received critical acclaim for their performances, and their on-screen chemistry played a significant role in bringing the characters’ friendship to life.
  • “Bridge to Terabithia” was praised for its visual effects, particularly the imaginative and magical world of Terabithia that Jess and Leslie create in the woods. The film’s ability to seamlessly blend reality and fantasy added depth to the storytelling.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $137.6 million
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  • Josh Hutcherson: Jess Aarons
  • AnnaSophia Robb: Leslie Burke
  • Robert Patrick: Jack Aarons
  • Kate Butler: Mary Aarons
  • Zooey Deschanel: Ms. Edmunds
  • Latham Gaines: Bill Burke
  • Bailee Madison: May Belle Aarons
  • Judy McIntosh: Judy Burke
  • Lauren Clinton: Janice Avery
  • Cameron Wakefield: Scott Hoager
  • Elliot Lawless: Gary Fulcher
  • Isabelle Kircher: Carla
  • Carly Owen: Madison
  • Patricia Aldersley: Grandma Burke
  • Jen Wolfe: Mrs. Myers
  • James Gaylyn: Principal Turner
  • Ian Harcourt: Kenny
  • Devon Wood: Brenda Aarons
  • Emma Fenton: Ellie Aarons
  • Grace Brannigan: Joyce Aarons
  • Paddy: Prince Terrien


  • Director: Gábor Csupó
  • Producer: David L. Paterson, Lauren Levine and Hal Lieberman
  • Music: Aaron Zigman

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