Charlie The Lonesome Cougar

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Charlie The Lonesome Cougar Description

Charlie The Lonesome Cougar (1967 Movie)

“Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar” is a live-action Disney film that was released in 1967. Directed by Winston Hibler, it is a heartwarming adventure drama that tells the story of a young cougar named Charlie.

The film follows Charlie, who becomes orphaned after his mother is killed by hunters. He is then captured and taken to a wildlife refuge where he is raised by a kind-hearted forest ranger named Jess Bradley (played by Ron Brown). As Charlie grows older, he becomes increasingly domesticated and finds it difficult to fit in with the other cougars in the refuge.

Feeling lonely and out of place, Charlie escapes from the refuge and begins a journey to find his true home in the wild. Along the way, he encounters various challenges and adventures. During his journey, Charlie befriends a little boy named Tom (played by Brian Russell) and a kind dog named Chainsaw, forming a bond with them.

The film portrays Charlie’s struggles and his longing for freedom and the wild. It highlights themes of friendship, the importance of wildlife conservation, and the resilience of animals in the face of adversity.

“Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar” is one of Disney’s lesser-known live-action films, but it has earned a reputation for its heartwarming story and endearing characters. It offers a blend of adventure, drama, and humor, making it an enjoyable family film that has resonated with audiences over the years. The film’s portrayal of wildlife and the natural beauty of the wilderness adds to its charm, making it a memorable addition to Disney’s live-action library

Charlie The Lonesome Cougar Cast
  • Goodtime Charlie: Himself
  • Ron Brown: Jess Bradley
  • Brian Russell: Potlatch
  • Chainsaw: Himself
  • Linda Wallace: Jess’s Fiancée
  • Jim Wilson: Farmer
  • Lewis Sample: Chief Engineer
  • Clifford Peterson: Mill Manager
  • Edward C. Moller: Mill Hand
  • Rex Allen: Narrator

Charlie The Lonesome Cougar Crew
  • Director: Winston Hibler
  • Producer: Walt Disney and Winston Hibler
  • Music: Franklyn Marks and Speirs Marks

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