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Cheetah (1989 Movie)

“Disney’s Cheetah” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on August 18, 1989. It is a family comedy-drama film directed by Jeff Blyth. The movie tells the story of a young American boy named Ted Johnson (played by Keith Coogan) and his sister Susan (played by Lucy Deakins), who go to Kenya to visit their mother, Dr. Gwen Johnson (played by Heather Rattray), who works at a wildlife research center.

While in Kenya, Ted befriends a young orphaned cheetah named Duma. The two become inseparable friends, and Ted decides to take care of Duma. However, their friendship faces challenges when they encounter poachers who threaten the lives of the wildlife in the area, including Duma. Ted and Susan must protect their new friend and expose the poachers’ illegal activities.

The film highlights themes of friendship, family, and conservation. It showcases the beauty of African wildlife and the importance of protecting endangered species.

“Disney’s Cheetah” received positive reviews and is remembered as one of the earlier Disney Channel Original Movies that captured the hearts of young audiences. It is known for its heartwarming story and stunning cinematography capturing the wildlife of Africa. The movie’s message of wildlife conservation also resonated with viewers, educating them about the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats.

Over the years, “Disney’s Cheetah” has become a beloved family film and remains a nostalgic favorite among Disney fans.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 1989
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $8.1 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Keith Coogan: Ted Johnson
  • Lucy Deakins: Susan Johnson
  • Collin Mothupi: Morogo
  • Joe Herrington: Duma (voice)
  • Timothy Landfield: Earl Johnson
  • Breon Gorman-Landfield: Jean Johnson
  • Mhlangabezi Ka Vundla: Kipoin
  • Lydia Kigada: Lani
  • Kuldeep Bhakoo: Mr. Patel
  • Paul Onsongo: Abdullah
  • Anthony Baird: Nigel
  • Rory McGuinness: Larry
  • Rod Jacobsen: David
  • David Adido: Mwangi
  • Konga Mbandu: Police Captain
  • Martin Okello: Friendly Policeman
  • Allaudin Qureshi: Patel’s Cousin
  • William Tsuma: Cabbie
  • Waigwa Wachira: Racetrack Policeman
  • Jim Ward: Announcer
  • Jan MacCoy: Stewardess
  • Evalyne Kamau: Nyambura
  • Jane Gelardi: Announcer’s Girlfriend
  • ‘J.J.’ Joseph Otieno Adamson: Blue Duka Band Member 1
  • David Otieno: Blue Duka Band Member 2
  • Wally Amalemba: Blue Duka Band Member 3
  • Tony Evans Kalanzi: Blue Duka Band Member 4
  • Kelly Harry Ngetsa: Blue Duka Band Member 5
  • Thomas Akare: Bettor 1
  • Denis Doughty: Bettor 2
  • Siddik Ebrahim: Bettor 3
  • Lee Harvin: Bettor 4
  • Aloysius Lazarus: Greyhound Owner 1
  • Njoroge Ngoima: Greyhound Owner 2
  • Frank Turner: Greyhound Owner 3
  • Lynn Kresell: Ticket Agent


  • Director: Jeff Blyth
  • Producer: Roy E. Disney and Robert Halmi, Sr.
  • Music: Bruce Rowland

Movie Trailer:

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