Cloud 9

Last Updated on: June 26th, 2024

Cloud 9 (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Cloud 9” is a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that premiered in 2014. It is a sports drama film that revolves around the world of competitive snowboarding. The movie stars Dove Cameron as Kayla Morgan and Luke Benward as Will Cloud, the two main characters.

In the film, Kayla Morgan is a talented snowboarder who has her sights set on winning the Fire and Ice snowboarding competition, the most prestigious event in the sport. She is the protégé of the famous snowboarding coach, Sebastian Swift, and is expected to win the competition. However, during the final run of the competition, she suffers a major setback and finishes in second place.

After the disappointing loss, Kayla’s world turns upside down, and she loses her confidence in snowboarding. She starts doubting herself and her abilities. Meanwhile, Will Cloud is a former snowboarding champion whose career ended after a disastrous accident during a competition. He now works as a snowboarding instructor at the resort.

Kayla’s father, who owns the resort, hires Will to be her new coach. At first, Kayla and Will clash as they have different coaching styles and personalities. But as they spend more time together, they begin to understand each other better and form a bond. Will helps Kayla regain her confidence and love for snowboarding, and they work together to prepare for the next Fire and Ice competition.

Throughout the movie, “Cloud 9” explores themes of perseverance, self-discovery, and the importance of believing in oneself. It also delves into the competitive nature of sports and the pressure that athletes often face to meet high expectations.

The film features exciting snowboarding sequences and stunning scenery of the snowy mountains, adding to the overall appeal of the movie. “Cloud 9” has received positive reviews for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and positive messages about following one’s passion and overcoming obstacles.

Overall, “Cloud 9” is an inspiring and entertaining DCOM that appeals to both young audiences and fans of snowboarding and extreme sports.

Additional Details


  • Dove Cameron: Kayla Morgan
  • Luke Benward: Will Cloud
  • Mike C. Manning: Nick Swift
  • Kiersey Clemons: Skye Saylor
  • Amy Farrington: Andrea
  • Patrick Fabian: Richard Morgan
  • Carlon Jeffery: Dink
  • Andrew Caldwell: Sam
  • Dillon Lane: Burke
  • Colton Tran: Mike Lamb
  • Victoria Moroles: Pia
  • Tatum Chiniquy: Linds
  • Jeffrey Nordling: Sebastian Swift


  • Director: Paul Hoen
  • Producer: Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Rhodes, Kirkland Tibbels and Shaun White

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