Cold Creek Manor

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Cold Creek Manor (Touchstone Movie)

“Cold Creek Manor” is a psychological thriller released in 2003, directed by Mike Figgis. The film stars Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone as Cooper and Leah Tilson, a couple who, seeking a change of pace, move with their two children to a secluded countryside mansion called Cold Creek Manor.

At first, the Tilson family is excited about their new home, but they soon discover that the house holds a dark and disturbing history. As they settle in, strange and sinister events begin to occur, and the family becomes entangled in a web of mystery and danger. They find old family photographs and items belonging to the previous owners, the Massie family, who mysteriously vanished years ago.

Things take a terrifying turn when Dale Massie, portrayed by Stephen Dorff, is released from prison and returns to the Manor. Dale, a disturbed and menacing figure, becomes obsessed with reclaiming his family home and wreaks havoc on the Tilson family in the process. He is determined to make them suffer for taking over what he believes is rightfully his.

As the tension and paranoia escalate, Cooper and Leah must confront the dark secrets of Cold Creek Manor’s past and fight for the safety of their family. The film explores themes of obsession, family dynamics, and the haunting consequences of unresolved history.

“Cold Creek Manor” is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The atmospheric setting and eerie cinematography add to the film’s overall sense of unease and dread. The performances of the cast, particularly Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone, contribute to the film’s intensity and emotional depth.

Although “Cold Creek Manor” received mixed reviews upon its release, it has gained a following among fans of psychological thrillers and is appreciated for its engaging plot and tense atmosphere. The movie serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of digging too deeply into the past and the potentially devastating consequences of unearthing buried secrets.

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  • Dennis Quaid: Cooper Tilson
  • Sharon Stone: Leah Tilson
  • Stephen Dorff: Dale Massie
  • Juliette Lewis: Ruby Ferguson
  • Kristen Stewart: Kristen Tilson
  • Christopher Plummer: Mr. Massie
  • Ryan Wilson: Jesse Tilson
  • Dana Eskelson: Sheriff Annie Ferguson


  • Director: Mike Figgis
  • Producers: Mike Figgis and Annie Stewart
  • Writer: Richard Jeffries

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