Cow Belles

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Cow Belles (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Cow Belles” is a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) that premiered in 2006. It is a teen comedy film that stars Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, who are real-life sisters and also members of the music duo Aly & AJ.

In the movie, Aly Michalka plays Taylor Callum, and AJ Michalka portrays Courtney Callum, two wealthy and spoiled sisters living a carefree life in Beverly Hills. However, their world is turned upside down when their father’s dairy business faces financial difficulties. As a result, the sisters are forced to take responsibility for the family business and work at their father’s struggling dairy farm during their summer vacation.

Initially, Taylor and Courtney struggle to adapt to the rural lifestyle and the demands of the dairy farm. They encounter various challenges, such as dealing with the farm’s employees and learning the ins and outs of running the business. Along the way, they also make mistakes and have disagreements, but they eventually come to appreciate the value of hard work and responsibility.

As the sisters spend time on the farm, they develop a deeper understanding of the importance of family, and they begin to grow closer to each other. They also make new friends, including a farmhand named Jackson, played by Michael Trevino, who helps them navigate the challenges of farm life.

“Cow Belles” is a heartwarming film that explores themes of family, responsibility, and personal growth. It highlights the transformation of the two sisters from self-centered and entitled individuals to responsible and caring young women. The movie also emphasizes the significance of family bonds and the value of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to embrace new experiences.

With its comedic moments and positive messages, “Cow Belles” has become a popular DCOM among audiences of all ages. The chemistry between Aly and AJ Michalka, coupled with the film’s lighthearted and touching storyline, has made it a favorite among Disney Channel viewers.

Additional Details


  • Alyson Michalka: Taylor Callum
  • Amanda Michalka: Courtney Callum
  • Jack Coleman: Reed Callum
  • Sheila McCarthy: Fran Walker
  • Michael Trevino: Jackson Meade
  • Christian Serratos: Heather Perez
  • Ron Gabriel: Melvin Melville
  • Chris Gallinger: Phillipe
  • Von Flores: Nick Perez
  • Alex Hood: Richie Miller
  • Sharon McFarlane: Doris Miller
  • Sandy Robson: Thomas
  • Craig Eldridge: Wilbur Meade
  • Paula Brancati: Sarah Van Dyke
  • Amanda Tilson: Jenny Bryant
  • Diana Peressini: Marissa Wentworth
  • Michael Rhoades: Bob Fenwick
  • Duane Murray: Pete “Big Pete”
  • Dylan Roberts: Ralph
  • Ordena Stephens-Thompson: Joyce
  • Stuart Clow: Keith Walker
  • Beatriz Pizano: Gina Perez
  • Jean Yoon: Corrine
  • Scotty Watson: Larry


  • Director: Francine McDougall
  • Producer: Kevin Lafferty

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