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Crazy/Beautiful (Touchstone Movie)

“Crazy/Beautiful” is a romantic drama released in 2001, directed by John Stockwell. The film stars Kirsten Dunst as Nicole Oakley, a rebellious and troubled teenager from a wealthy family, and Jay Hernandez as Carlos Nunez, a hardworking and ambitious young man from a working-class background.

Nicole and Carlos come from very different worlds, but they are brought together when they meet at their high school in Los Angeles. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other, and a passionate and intense relationship begins to develop between them.

The movie explores themes of social class, race, and mental health, as it delves into the challenges faced by Nicole and Carlos in their relationship. Nicole struggles with issues of self-destructive behavior and a strained relationship with her overprotective father, while Carlos must overcome the judgments and prejudices he faces as a Latino teenager from a disadvantaged background.

As their love deepens, both Nicole and Carlos find strength and support in each other. However, their relationship is tested by the obstacles they face from their families and society. The film navigates the complexities of young love and the impact of societal expectations on individual lives.

Kirsten Dunst delivers a standout performance as Nicole, capturing the character’s vulnerability and rebellious spirit. Jay Hernandez brings depth and authenticity to Carlos, portraying him as a determined and caring young man.

“Crazy/Beautiful” is more than just a typical teen romance; it is a thought-provoking and emotional story that tackles important social issues. It challenges viewers to confront their preconceived notions about race, class, and mental health while highlighting the universal themes of love, acceptance, and personal growth.

The film’s soundtrack, featuring songs from artists like Coldplay and Ryan Cabrera, adds an emotional depth to the storytelling and complements the movie’s emotional rollercoaster.

Overall, “Crazy/Beautiful” is a compelling and well-acted drama that provides a realistic portrayal of young love and the challenges faced by two people from different backgrounds trying to find their place in the world. It is a heartfelt and poignant story that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

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  • Kirsten Dunst: Nicole Oakley
  • Jay Hernandez: Carlos Nuñez
  • Bruce Davison: Tom Oakley
  • Lucinda Jenney: Courtney Oakley
  • Taryn Manning: Maddy
  • Soledad St. Hilaire: Mrs. Nuñez
  • Rolando Molina: Hector
  • Herman Osorio: Luis
  • Miguel Castro: Eddie
  • Tommy De La Cruz: Victor
  • Richard Steinmetz: Coach Bauer
  • Ana Argueta: Rosa
  • Cory Hardrict: Wilcox


  • Director: John Stockwell
  • Producers: Rachel Pfeffer, Harry Ufland and Mary Jane Ufland
  • Writers: Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi

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